Women's Beach Volleyball

Big 8 Pairs Championship Results

Top 8 Pairs moving on to the Northern California Pairs Regionals at West Valley College on May 4th

1.       Sarah Schell/Savanah Schroeder (Sierra College)

2.       Precious Helekahi/Cyan Blackdeer (Feather River College)

3.       Meghan Merlino/Kalala Strickland (Sierra College)

4.       Chloe Hampton/Katie McKay (Feather River College)

5.       Maddy Rowland/Kylie Shinn (Sierra College)

6.       Brittany Boerstra/Bella Orteza (Sierra College)

7.       Alanna Valdez/Nicole Sarkozy (San Joaquin Delta College)

8.       Grace Lemmo/Kapri Pelle (Sierra College)